Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09


Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09

Hot Sale Cryotherapy Fat Freezing Machine with Cavitation and RF Handle

Product Description

1.Cellulite reduction,skin tightening
2.2 freeze handles working at the same time. 
3.4 handles:fat freeze, cavitation, RF, diode laser
Product Description

Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09

Product Advantage

Fat freeze+Vacuum+Cavitation+RF+Diode Laser: The treatment result will be more visible, while combine with fat freeze treatment and ultrasonic cavitation.
1). Cryo
Cryo is a non-invasive (without contact) procedure in which doctors place a small suction cup on a patient's skin. The device gradually extracts body heat until the subcutaneous fat is frozen.
2). Cavitation
Ultrasonic vibration may cause flerce impact of fat cells to make them be exploded instantaneously,reduce the amount of cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.
3). RF
RF can deep direct fat body, has the directional positioning RF output  excellence, make fat cells organizations in fast active state, produce the cell body heat of the friction heat, in order to achievethe effect of disolved fat
4). Diode laser
The lipolysis diode laseropen and release glycerol, water and free fatty acids, thus, causing to lose weight and inches.

Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09

Frozen fat dissolving treatments and efficacy:

  1. Treatment time,15-45 minutes for each treatment

  2. Each customer usually do four points on the abdomen,left and right twice;

  3. A course of 45 days,20 days,a course a point not more than twice;Frozen weight loss temperature setting 3-5 degrees.

  4. The frozen lose weight,cold temperature is set at 5 degrees between the strength of the RF thermal 10-14,the heat is determined according to different customers',stop plus temperature when suitable and stops the hot and cold system.

  5. The treatment efficacy,a month before there will be a significant effect,and also feel more and more thin.

Feature & Application 


1. Suitable treatments :All types of skin 
2. 2 fat freeze handles can work together or independantly.
3. 8.4'' LCD touch screen, beautiful and easy operation.
4. Japanese top-level cooling plate, ensure steady cooling, good effect, long life time.
5. 24 hours consistent working.

Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09


1) Redundant cellulites exploded and melted;
2) Body slimming and weight reduction;
3) Face thinner and skin tightening;
4) Body shaping and contouring;
5) To promote and accelerate the body's metabolism.


Output Power1000W
Display8.4 inch color LCD touch screen
LanguageEnglish + (German, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese)
PackageAluminium cases
Handpiece5 pcs Handpiece
H1: Big fat freeze handle 
H2: Small fat freeze handle 
H3: Multipolar RF
H4: Cavitation
H5: Diode laser
Cooling systemWind+Water+Semiconductor
Working TimeNo downtime
CavitationFrequency:40 KHz
Energy:1~50 W/cm2
Head Diameter50 mm
Multipolar RFFrequency:6 MHz
Energy:1~50 J/cm2
Head Diameter:50 mm



  • Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09

  • Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09

  • Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09

  • Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09

  • Multi-function Cryotherapy Slimming Machine US09




  • Thin Chin

    Thin Chin:

    Remove chin fat, make face more beautiful; Return your swan neck.

  • Thin buttocks

    Thin buttocks:

    Pull up the hips to make them look up; Create a perfect figure -- S-shaped curve; Increase body line sense; Effectively improve orange peel tissue.

  • Face Lift

    Face Lift:

    RF head can fit 360 degrees with the face, massage lift face excess fat, promote blood circulation, achieve the effect of thin face; The operation is simple and convenient, and the charming small V face can be created quickly without fear of camera challenge.

  • Thin Belly

    Thin Belly:

    Lose excess abdominal fat, return your confidence and beauty; Create perfect lines and keep fit; Summer wantonly leakage small waist.

  • Thin Arm

    Thin Arm:

    Lose fat in massage, comfortable and convenient; Lose the unicorn arm, and return your slender arm line.

  • Thin Legs

    Thin Legs:

    Make slim jade legs, say goodbye to elephant legs; Get rid of excess fat and give you a perfect leg shape.