OEM Hair Removal Equipment Fiber Coupled 808 Diode Laser US415G


OEM Hair Removal Equipment Fiber Coupled 808 Diode Laser US415G

2021 FDA Safety Laser 808nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

OEM Hair Removal Equipment Fiber Coupled 808 Diode Laser US415G

Product Description

The normal diode lasers use what is called "Stacked diode lamps", this means that the plates that power the laser (lamp) are precisely "stacked" this technology is been used for years and is pretty effective, lifespan on the good lamps could be 10 Million pulses, but this lamps overheat very easilyand usually are heavy to the arm of the operator since they are installed inside the hand piece of themachine, making them heavy, hot, and prone to damage by accidental falls -have you ve heard ofsomeone that dropped a diode laser hand piece had to pay no less than seven to fifteen thousanddollars for the replacement? But all these issues get fix by fiber coupled diode laser.

OEM Hair Removal Equipment Fiber Coupled 808 Diode Laser US415G


OEM Hair Removal Equipment Fiber Coupled 808 Diode Laser US415G


OEM Hair Removal Equipment Fiber Coupled 808 Diode Laser US415G


Model No.US415G
Display15 inch color touch screen
Laser TypeFiber Diode Laser
Laser Power800W(1200W for optional)
Pulse Width10-600ms
Spot Size12*12mm2
Cooling SystemStainless radiator+semiconductor cooling
Crystal Temperature0-4ºC
Laser Water Temperature45ºC
LanguageEnglish Standard, or Your Language to OEM



Fiber Diode Laser working principle is based on the photothermic theory . There is plenty of melaninin hair follicles and hair shafts . Melanin scatters among air bulbs and hair shaft structure ( like med -ullary substance , cortex and cuticula pi ) Fiber Diode Laser targets on melanin and treat selectivein a precise way . Melanin could absorb the energy from the laser , which would result in temperaturerapid increase , to destroy surrounding hair follicles , and finally removel hair.

OEM Hair Removal Equipment Fiber Coupled 808 Diode Laser US415G


  • Arm Hair Removal

    Arm Hair Removal:

    Get rid of worries and show confidence; Laser hair removal cream will not have allergic reaction, will not rebound; Laser hair removal will not damage the epidermis, will not affect the normal skin physiological function, does not affect sweating.

  • Armpit Hair Removal

    Armpit Hair Removal:

    Laser hair removal can not only safely and painlessly remove excess hair, but also make the skin tender and smooth; Get rid of embarrassment and return your beauty and confidence.

  • Bikini Hair Removal

    Bikini Hair Removal:

    Painless permanent hair removal, no time for pure white, showing refreshing sexy, smooth and beautiful transformation, such as silk smooth.

  • Leg Hair Removal

    Leg Hair Removal:

    808nm is the most commonly used wavelength of semiconductor laser ; Gemstone contact cooling technology is safe and does not damage the skin. The laser head presses down on the skin and increases the laser absorption by 30% - 40%. The penetration depth of laser hair removal is deep, and the epidermis absorbs little laser energy, so it will not produce melanin deposition and inflammation; Different spot areas can be selected to facilitate large area hair removal and speed up the treatment.

  • Chest Hair Removal

    Chest Hair Removal:

    Laser hair removal is a non traumatic hair removal method, no need to do surgery, small trauma after surgery, less bleeding, fast repair, so that men with too much chest hair easily get rid of the embarrassment of chest hair; Simple and convenient, safe and reliable.

  • Lip Hair Removal

    Lip Hair Removal:

    Laser removal of lip hair is the most effective method to remove lip hair, which can avoid damage to surrounding tissues and remove hair at the same time, which can effectively achieve the purpose of permanent removal of lip hair; The treatment time is very short, will not produce any pain, postoperative life and work will not have an impact.


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