Diode Laser Equipment US450


Diode Laser Equipment US450

Diode Laser Equipment US450

Diode Laser Equipment is a device which adopts the highenergy and continuous diode laser  to realize the conversion of electricity, light and heat energy, and thus achieves disease treatment. Therefore, this is a laser therapeutic product that integrates laser technology, electronic technology, computer science and medical science.

Under the control of microprocessor, laser power supply can provide the adjustable constant current for the laser module, the high power laser diode in the laser module can transform the electric energy into the light, generate the continuous laser beam with a wavelength of 808nm. Semiconductor laser used for hair removal is mainly based on the principle of selective photothermal action, that is, a specific wavelength of laser can only be selectively absorbed by the target color base.Melanin is abundant in the hair follicle and hair shaft. Melanin is distributed in the mother cell of the hair and can transfer to the structure of the hair shaft (medulla, cortex and pelicum).Under the action of a particular wavelength laser, melanin, for target base, melanin in the hair shaft after absorb the light energy is converted into thermal energy makes the temperature rise sharply, the pulse width and hair follicle tissue thermal damage time adaptation condition, heat, through the protein conduction inside the hair shaft to hair follicles juga place and hair root, lead to hair follicle stem cell and dermal papilla germinal sites irreversible damage,Thus effectively destroy the hair follicle tissue, reduce hair regeneration, regeneration delay and regeneration hair thinning and shallow.

Please prepare the skin before the treatment, which including cleaning grease, dirt or hair from the skin areas that need treatment.

    Please wear the safety glasses (for operator) and safety goggles (for patients) before treatment to prevent eye damage caused by laser.

    Please set the treatment parameters according to the operation method of “parameter settings” from Chapter 6.4, and conduct a pilot treatment to observe the patient's response to the set energy parameters before the formal treatment, if  the patient has an adverse reaction, subsequent treatment needs to be discontinued.

    The physician could adjust the energy paramters base on patient’s clinical manifestations and individualized treatment conditions. In general, the patients under treatment will have a slight tingling sensation, if the patients do not have this feeling, then it is likely that the energy setting is low to be effective; if the patients have strong, unbearable pain, then the energy parameter is set too high and the energy output needs to be reduced.

    During the course of treatment, a light spot overlap should be less than 10%. Since repeated exposure will aggravate skin damage, overlapping to widely will adversely affect therapeutic effect.

    FDA cleared Cold Packs could be used to cool the treatment site after treatment, it will be helpful reducing swelling and easing discomfort for patients.

    Please take care of the treatment area within 4-5 days after treatment, such as no bath, massage or aerobic exercise, etc.

    After treatment, patients should use high-coefficient (30-50 SPF) sunscreen and protect the treated area from sunlight for at least one month after treatment. Tanning after treatment may promote melanin regeneration, which may lead to hyperpigmentation.

    The treatment result and the inflammation it incurs on the skin is closely related to the energy density. Higher energy density will result in a better effect but more inflammation reaction, with deep skin impairment occurring accordingly.   Begin the treatment with a lower energy setting and increase/adjust the energy density for the desired effect while monitoring patients’ skin and pain tolerance.

    Please begin a dark-skin treatment with a lower energy density, to reduce Laser absorption epidermis or overt warming.  

    Please monitor and maintain a constant cooling system during treatment to protect the skin from burning.  

    Please shave off the hair at the treatment site before the treatment, because the visual hair will absorb Laser energy and create heating of  the epidermis, which may causing partial skin burning and damage to the  treatment probe.

    Use cooling mode throughout the entire treatment process is highly recommended, specially for dark skin which more easily absorbs energy than light skin does, it could reduce the temperature of treatment site.

    Please Use a clean, soft gauze pad to wipe the probe completely and to keep it dry after each use. See also cleaning and disinfection instruction in 8.  

    Please make sure the probe is clean, free of dust, dirt and any debris whatsoever before each use.

Indication For Use Statement:

The US 450 Equipment is indicated for use in surgical and aesthetic  applications in permanent hair reduction. Permanent hair reduction is defined as the long-term,  stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing when measured at 6, 9, and 12 months after the  completion of a treatment regimen.










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