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Congratulations to Turkey Agent for Signing the Exclusive Agency Agreement

Jun. 22, 2022

We, Beijing Globalipl Development Co.,Ltd, hereby confirm that: Cosmeticmed company will be acting as our exclusive distributor in Turkey for selling Laser hair removal device. 

Model: US450

New design diode laser with 6 different spot size. 

Date: May, 2022 to May, 2023

Turkey office: 

Please note: Cosmeticmed company is the only official agent for diode laser US450 in Turkey. 

In order to safeguard the commercial rights and interests of Cosmeticmed, our company hereby formally declares that the promotion and sale of this product by other companies

in Turkey on the Internet, exhibitions and other channels are all personal behaviors without the official authorization of our company, and our company will not provide these products.

The company provides products. Cosmeticmed is the only sales company that officially buys US450 products in the Turkish market, and only this company can get products from our company.

We will reserve the right to resort to the law for companies or individuals who obtain 450 model machines through illegal channels and affect the cooperation between our company and Cosmeticmed.


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