One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F


One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

IPL+E light+RF+YAG Laser Hair Removal Multi-function Beauty Machine

Product Description 


2.10 shots in 1 S

3. Spot size 15*50mm2  

4. Imported xenon lamp 1,000,000 shots


Integrating SHR/IPL/E-Light models into one machine, it combines traditional and modern technology to achieve multiple functions to meet the treatment demands of different customer groups.

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F


One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F


Super hair removal
Super skin rejuvenation
Pigment therapy
Wrinkle removal
Vascular therapy
Breast liftup

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F


Model No:US001F
Display:10.4 inch color touch screen
Power supply:4000W
Handpiece number:2 pcs
Spot Size:15*50mm2/12*30mm2
IPL light Energy:1-50J/cm2
Pulse mode:Single pulse
Cooling system:Two radiators+air+water+cooling gel
Operation language:English Italian Polish Russian Japanese Turkish
Package:Aluminum alloy case
Machine size:34x57x118cm
Net weight:60KG



  • One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

  • One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

  • One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

  • One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

  • One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

  • One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

5 Filters For Different Functions

480nm--Vascular Therapy;
530nm--Pigment Therapy;
590nm--Skin Rejuvenation;
640nm--Hair Removal;
690nm--Breast Liftup.

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

Xenon Lamp

Germany Heraeus, can shot one millon times, but other domestic lamps only shot tens of thousands.

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F


Most advanced plug and play technology: integration of water and electricity, USA CPC import water connector and Germany harting  import electronic connector, no leakage of water and electricity, safe and reliable.

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

USA Radiator

Imported 316L stainless steel for excellent cooling and will not pollute the water.

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

All Aluminum Inside

Good heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, no water leak, prolong lamp and handle lifetime.

One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F

Water Pump

Germany imported ultra-quiet water pump: no noise, provide a quiet and comfortable environment for patients, larger water flow for better cooling, prolong laser and machine life.


One Million Shots Ipl Shr Machine US001F


SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, a technology for permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping success. It is use high repetition rate (10Hz) but with low energy which accumulate to reach the energy required to remove hair. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically effective and painless hair removal results.


E-Light system uses a technology called ELOS. It combines Optical ( IPL ) and Radio Frequency ( RF ) to deliver satisfying, longer-lasting results. It is the only system that can rejuvenate the skin and get rid of the “Peach Fuzz” (tiny white and blonde hairs) that other lasers miss.


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, it adopts Selective Photo-thermolysis theory.

IPL systems release precisely controlled strong uses of filtered light that is absorbed by specific chromophores in the skin, which is converted to heat. So IPL’s light affects hair follicles,pigmentations and broken capillaries etc.Switching different wavelengths can meet a variety of treatment demands, such as permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne removal, vascular removal and breast liftup, etc.


  • IPL Hair Removal

    IPL Hair Removal:

    No pain no side effects and fast hair removal

  • IPL  Breast Liftup

    IPL Breast Liftup:

    Estrogen is secreted during puberty and pregnancy, and the shape and size of breasts are also formed during this period. Therefore, estrogen largely determines the size of the breast. The technology uses intense pulsed laser to stimulate women to secrete estrogen. Women who want breast enhancement can not only avoid the invasion of foreign fillings, but also have no recovery period and no complications

  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation

    IPL Skin Rejuvenation:

    Intense pulsed light can absorb the energy released by laser through melanin, hemoglobin, especially water in the skin, and produce photothermal effect to convert it into heat, thus activating fibroblasts and other stromal cells in dermis to produce new collagen, elastin and various kinds of intercellular matrix, as well as tissue remodeling, so as to fundamentally solve various skin defects Problem, the skin becomes more white, tender, smooth and glossy.

  • Wrinkle Removal

    Wrinkle Removal:

    It is a comprehensive design for local sagging and wrinkled skin combined with the overall shape of the face. It can make the local anti wrinkle and anti-aging combined with the overall shape of the face. It can restore the skin to be tight and smooth, and the contour is three-dimensional exquisite, so as to achieve the harmonious and beautiful effect of the whole facial rejuvenation.

  • Vascular Therapy

    Vascular Therapy:

    With 480 nm energy, stimulate cell tissue to produce changes, vasoconstriction, to remove the red blood filament effect.

  • Pigment Therapy

    Pigment Therapy:

    When the laser with the corresponding wavelength, pulse width and energy is applied to the pigment particles, the instantaneous high temperature forms a huge pulse, which is absorbed by the skin lesion pigment tissue to form a pulse wave, which vaporizes and explodes the pigment particles. At this time, the pigment is broken and ejected out of the body in powder form to achieve the purpose of removing skin pigment.


  • Q: How many shots of your lamp?

    A: Our IPL use Germany imported lamp,and it can shot 1 million times.

  • Q: Are there any side effect to IPL Permanent hair removal treatments?

    A: The side effects of IPL are minimal,immediately after treatment the area may be slightly red or slight burning sensation but this usually disappears very quickly.Unlike laser treatments,which emit a specific wavelength,IPL works like a flash-lamp,sending out scattered wavelengths of light,making IPL very targeted.

  • Q: How do I prepare for hair removal treatment?

    A: The treated person lies flat after facial cleansing.Patient should wear a blindfold.Operator should wear filter glasses.Apply cold gel before treatment.Energy test was performed after the patient's ear,adjust to the optimum value.