8 In 1 Multi-function Slim Beauty Machine US07B


8 In 1 Multi-function Slim Beauty Machine US07B

Fda Approved RF Microneedle Ultrasonic Liposuction Laser Slimming Cavitation Machine



8 In 1 Beauty System

1) Multipolar RF

Multipolar RF is mainly used for fat burning and skin tightening on body, limbs,buttocks and other parts of concentrated fat,etc.

2) Vacuum+RF

Vacuum+RF is mainly used for deep fat reduction effectively,as well as lift and tighten the skin,esp for body,limbs,buttocks and other parts of concentrated fat.When you use vacuum separately, it can get fatigue relieving,Meridian dredging,Metabolism improvement and acceleration.

3) Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is mainly used for fat explode (deep shredding fat) slimming,cellulite removal,suitable for whole body area.

4) Microcrrent

Microcrrent is mainly used for Stimulate meridian;Tighten skin; Cellulite removal:Activate cells and enhance muscle elastic: Promote lymphatic and blood circulation.

5) Tripolar RF

Tripolar RF is mainly used for cellulite removal and wrinkle removal on big area,such as waist,stomach,buttock,etc.

6) Bipolar RF

Bipolar RF is mainly used for used for face/neck lifting,wrinkle removal,increase skin elasticity,etc.

7) Vacuum+Roller

Vacuum+Roller is mainly used for liposuction and vibration, as well as fatigue relieving,meridian dredging,metabolism improvement and acceleration,etc.The special drops on probe could maximum facilitate the movement on skin.

8) Diode Laser

Diode Laser open and release glycerol,water and free fatty acids......

8 In 1 Multi-function Slim Beauty Machine US07B


8 In 1 Multi-function Slim Beauty Machine US07B


Wrinkle removal around eyes and skin lifting;
Body shaping;
Neck wrinkle removal;
Redundant cellulites exploded;
Redundant cellulites melted.

Body slimming and weight reduction;
Face slimming, wrinkle removal and skin tightening;
Fatigue relieving;
Channels and collaterals dredging;
Metabolism improvement and acceleration.

8 In 1 Multi-function Slim Beauty Machine US07B


Power Supply Output1200W
Ultrasonic Frequency40 KHz
Ultrasonic Power1-50 W/CM2
RF Frequency6 MHz
RF Energy1-50 J/CM2
Vacuum Pressure400 Kpa
Handpiecea8 pcsBipolar RFTripolar RFMulti-polar RFVacuum rfVauum rollerMicrocurrentCavitationDiode laser
Current intensityMax 5 MA
Pins No.30 pcs
Shots Number:no limited
Cooling System:Air
Working ModeContinuously, interval, or pulse
Working TimeContinuously or time setting
Machine Size 40x36x112cm
Package Size47x57x131cm
Gross Weight46Kgs



8 In 1 Multi-function Slim Beauty Machine US07B


  • Thin Chin

    Thin Chin:

    Remove chin fat, make face more beautiful; Return your swan neck.

  • Thin Belly

    Thin Belly:

    Lose excess abdominal fat, return your confidence and beauty; Create perfect lines and keep fit; Summer wantonly leakage small waist.

  • Thin Arm

    Thin Arm:

    Lose fat in massage, comfortable and convenient; Lose the unicorn arm, and return your slender arm line.

  • Thin Legs

    Thin Legs:

    Make slim jade legs, say goodbye to elephant legs; Get rid of excess fat and give you a perfect leg shape.

  • Thin buttocks

    Thin buttocks:

    Pull up the hips to make them look up; Create a perfect figure -- S-shaped curve; Increase body line sense; Effectively improve orange peel tissue.

  • Face Lift

    Face Lift:

    RF head can fit 360 degrees with the face, massage lift face excess fat, promote blood circulation, achieve the effect of thin face; The operation is simple and convenient, and the charming small V face can be created quickly without fear of camera challenge.


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