1060NM Laser Slim Body Contouring Machine US320L


1060NM Laser Slim Body Contouring Machine US320L

1060nm Diode Laser Body Sculpting Machine Sculpting

 1060NM Laser Slim Body Contouring Machine US320L


Bodyshaping and contouring Bodyslimming and weight reduction Promote and accelerate body metabolism Redundant cellulites exploded and melted

1060NM Laser Slim Body Contouring Machine US320L


1.Two or Four hands-free applicators; Enable the patients to get treatment for multiple areas at the same time.

2.Advanced contact cooling technology for optimal patientcomfortable Controlled temperature technology, around 42 C-47C No downtime.

3.Fast Treatment ,only 25 minutes at a time.

4.Flat, non-invasive and non-suction applicator design.

There is no recovery time following treatment, so you can resume  your daily activities immediately.

1060NM Laser Slim Body Contouring Machine US320L


Laser model
Slimming applicator
4pcs / 2 pcs for optional
Applicator size
Pulse mode
CW (continuous working); Pulse
Each applicator power
60W  (Total 240W / 120W)
Output power
3000W Max
Power density
0.9-2 W/cm2
Operate Interface
12.1 " color touch screen
Cooling system
Two Semiconductor cooling system
Power supply
AC100V or 230V, 50/60HZ



The machine uses an innovative, light-based 1060nm laser to effectively remove unwanted fat from problem areas including the waistline and abdomen. The machine's four applicators can be placed anywhere on the stomach and flanks to precisely target the problem areas. Laser fat reduction treatments deliver heat below the surface of the skin to the temperature 42°C-47°C to destroy fat cells, which are naturally eliminated from the body without causing painful side effects or downtime. The 25 minute procedure destroys up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery. Over a period of 6-12 weeks, the patient can find good result.


  • Face Lift

    Face Lift:

    RF head can fit 360 degrees with the face, massage lift face excess fat, promote blood circulation, achieve the effect of thin face; The operation is simple and convenient, and the charming small V face can be created quickly without fear of camera challenge.

  • Thin buttocks

    Thin buttocks:

    Pull up the hips to make them look up; Create a perfect figure -- S-shaped curve; Increase body line sense; Effectively improve orange peel tissue.

  • Thin Chin

    Thin Chin:

    Remove chin fat, make face more beautiful; Return your swan neck.

  • Thin Belly

    Thin Belly:

    Lose excess abdominal fat, return your confidence and beauty; Create perfect lines and keep fit; Summer wantonly leakage small waist.

  • Thin Arm

    Thin Arm:

    Lose fat in massage, comfortable and convenient; Lose the unicorn arm, and return your slender arm line.

  • Thin Legs

    Thin Legs:

    Make slim jade legs, say goodbye to elephant legs; Get rid of excess fat and give you a perfect leg shape.


  • Q: How long will the improvement in my appearance last?

    A: The treated fat cells are permanently destroyed and will not regenerate.It is intended for those who maintain a healthy lifestyle,yet experience stubborn fat in treatable areas,such as the flanks,abdomen,inner and outer thighs,back,and under the chin.As long as significant weight gain is not experienced you will maintain your results.

  • Q: Will my stubborn fat be completely eliminated?

    A: During a treatment,fat cells in the treated area are disrupted with heat and naturally eliminated over time.

  • Q: How soon will I see resuits after a treatment?

    A: Many clients start to see results as early as six weeks following treatment,as the body begins to evacuate the destroyed fat cells,with optimal results usually seen 12 weeks after your final treatment.