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Top 10 Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Dec. 19, 2020

1. Will laser hair removal affect perspiration?

The target tissue of Laser Hair Removal is the hair matrix. Through the principle of light and heat, the hair matrix and hair papilla are selectively coagulated to achieve the effect of hair removal.

We usually use eccrine glands to wick sweat. The main opening of eccrine glands is the surface of the skin, not the same opening as the hair follicle, so laser hair removal will not affect perspiration.

2.Can the hair be removed at once?

It cannot be removed at one time. Hair has three growth cycles, namely the growth phase, the anagen phase and the stationary phase.

The principle of laser hair removal is that light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair matrix, and the hair matrix transfers heat to the dermal papilla. Finally, the hair falls off. The hair matrix in the growth phase contains the most melanin, which is prone to thermal coagulation. Hair falls off most easily.

The melanin content in the hair matrix of the hair in the anagen phase and the stationary phase is very small, it is not easy to absorb light, and cannot produce thermal coagulation, and the hair cannot be removed, so the hair needs to be removed many times.

3. Will laser hair removal hurt or burn?

When Laser Hair Removal Equipment performs hair removal, the light passes through the epidermis and the dermis and will be intercepted by two mountains. The first mount is the melanin in the epidermis, and the second mount is the capillaries of the dermal papilla. Of hemoglobin;

The two mountain kings absorb light, generate heat and transfer the heat to the nerve endings, producing a sensation of slight tingling and heat.

However, while we are treating, the equipment is equipped with epidermal cooling technology, which not only protects the safety of the epidermis, but also makes the light better act on the deep target tissues (hair papilla). At the same time, the feeling of ice will greatly enhance the comfort of customers.

Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser Hair Removal Machine

4. Can underarm body odor be laser hair removal?

Body odor is caused by the secretions of the apocrine glands in the armpits, which are caused by bacterial decomposition. More hairs in the armpits are more likely to breed bacteria. After removing them, it not only reduces the growth of bacteria, but also improves the excessive perspiration caused by sultry heat, lowers the temperature and reduces the amount of sweat, thereby reducing the symptoms of body odor.

5.What will happen to the skin after laser hair removal?

After using the Laser Hair Removal Machine, the skin will be slightly red and hot, and there will be some scattered red papules, which will subside after a few hours, and will not affect normal work and life. The hair will disappear without knowing it.

6. What is the difference between laser hair removal, photon hair removal, and freezing point hair removal?

Photon hair removal: The principle of selective photopyrolysis using a strong pulsed light source uses the absorption of light of a specific wavelength by the melanocytes in the hair follicle to cause the hair follicle to generate heat, thereby selectively destroying the hair follicle. At the same time, avoid damaging the surrounding tissues and achieve the effect of hair removal.

Laser hair removal: According to the principle of selective photothermodynamics, by reasonably adjusting the pulse width of the laser wavelength energy, the light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, reducing skin irritation.

Freezing point hair removal: Freezing point hair removal is currently an effective method of hair removal. The freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal device is used to penetrate the skin surface to keep the hair follicles at a certain temperature, and gently deactivate the hair follicles and surrounding stem cells. Freezing point hair removal uses pulse mode and repetition frequency. The hair removal speed can be increased to 3-5 times the previous.

These three are actually a progressive evolutionary relationship, one is more effective than the other. Freezing point laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal are two ways to improve traditional hair removal methods to make the hair removal effect more obvious and the hair removal process more comfortable.

The same is hair removal. The difference in mechanism between freezing point hair removal and traditional laser hair removal is: traditional laser hair removal requires instantaneous high-energy burning of the hair follicles, while freezing point hair removal gently deactivates the hair follicles, so it can achieve the purpose of hair removal without excessive skin stimulation. Avoid pain or risk.

7. What are the precautions for laser hair removal?

The first point: remember to shave your hair clean when you are depilating.

If the hair is not shaved clean during hair removal, the burnt hair will burn the epidermis, which is not conducive to hair removal.

The second point: when doing hair removal, cold gel is usually applied.

After applying cold gel, be sure to clean it well. Because cold gel can easily block the funnel of our hair follicles. May cause symptoms such as folliculitis. So cleaning must be in place.

The third point: The general interval of hair removal is one month.

Because the skin has a recovery period and repair period. Hair has a growth cycle, so we depilate once a month.

8. Postoperative care for laser hair removal?

Slight redness after hair removal:

Apply ice for half an hour, and use hair removal care solution; (be sure to wash off the cold gel first, it will cause folliculitis if it is not cleaned in place)


Do not take a bath on the day of large-scale hair removal, take a bath with clean water for three days;

Do not exercise vigorously within a week, do not use saunas and other sweaty items;

Avoid food within a week: spicy, irritating, tobacco and alcohol, seafood, hair products, etc.

Use repair products after the operation, moisturize and sunscreen.

9. Is laser hair removal permanent?

The current professional laser hair removal machine can only remove most (more than 90%) hairs, and the ones that cannot be removed become fine. However, due to the presence of hair follicle stem cells or other stem cells, some tenacious probes will grow out in the past few years. Of course, this number is very small.

10.Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is safe.

Compared with traditional hair removal, beeswax, and chemical hair removal methods, laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal, but generally requires multiple treatments. Laser hair removal is a medical behavior and must be performed at a regular medical institution.


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