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Do You Know These About Laser Beauty

Dec. 28, 2020

Laser beauty using Laser Beauty Machine is a new beauty method that has emerged in recent years. This method can eliminate facial wrinkles, and make the skin tender and smooth with appropriate laser irradiation. Such as treatment of acne, moles, age spots, etc. Because laser beauty is painless and safe and reliable, it is popular.


Similar to the use of a Multi-Function Beauty Machine, the main principle of laser beauty products is to use light wave bands that are beneficial to the human body, have strong transmission capacity, and high absorption rate of human tissues. Irradiate multiple beauty acupoints. By irradiating facial acupuncture points and local skin, it can effectively stimulate facial meridian points, accelerate blood circulation, improve skin supply status, increase skin tissue nutrition, promote skin metabolism, and remove aging and shrinking epithelial cells. Enhance the vitality of facial skin collagen, promote cell regeneration and the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, stimulate peripheral nerves of the epidermis, promote body anabolism and tissue repair, thereby improving facial complexion, pigmentation, sagging skin, wrinkles, sagging eye bags, Dark circles, large pores, rough skin, etc., make facial skin rosy and shiny, enhance elasticity, delay skin aging, and have the effect of nourishing and beautifying.


1. Lasers are becoming more and more widely used in the beauty industry

The laser is to produce high energy, precise focusing, and a certain penetrating power of monochromatic light, which acts on human tissues and generates high heat locally to achieve the purpose of removing or destroying the target tissue. Various pulsed lasers of different wavelengths can treat a variety of Vascular skin diseases and pigmentation, such as Ota nevus, port wine stains, freckles, age spots, telangiectasias, etc.; as well as removing tattoos, washing eyeliner, washing eyebrows, treating scars, etc.; high-energy ultra-pulse CO2 laser, erbium laser for wrinkle removal , Microdermabrasion, skin resurfacing, snoring treatment, teeth whitening, etc., have achieved good results and opened up more and more fields for laser surgery.

2. Laser surgery has superiority that traditional surgery can't match

First of all, laser surgery does not require hospitalization, the surgical incision is small, there is no bleeding during the operation, the trauma is light, and there is no scar. For example, the traditional surgical method for the treatment of eye bags has the disadvantages of wide peeling range, excessive intraoperative bleeding, slow postoperative healing, and easy formation of scars. However, the application of high-energy ultra-pulse CO2 laser instrument to treat eye bags is not bleeding during the operation. The advantages of no sutures, no influence on normal work, light edema at the surgical site, quick recovery, and no scars, make traditional surgery incomparable. However, some endoscopic surgery that cannot be performed due to excessive bleeding can be performed by laser cutting instead.

3. The effectiveness of laser in the treatment of vascular skin diseases

The use of pulsed dye laser to treat port wine stains is effective, with little damage to surrounding tissues and scarce scars. Its appearance has become a revolution in the history of port wine stain treatment, because in the history of port wine stain treatment, radiation, freezing, electrocautery, surgery and other methods have a high incidence of scars, and often depigmentation or deposition. This results in a high degree of damage to the vascular tissue, which has a high degree of accuracy and safety and will not affect the surrounding tissues. Therefore, laser treatment of telangiectasia is also effective.

In addition, due to the successive advent of variable pulse lasers, the removal of unsatisfactory tattoos and the treatment of various pigmented skin diseases such as Ota nevus and age spots have achieved major breakthroughs. According to the theory of selective photothermal effect, this type of laser utilizes its powerful instant power, highly concentrated radiation energy and pigment selectivity, and extremely short pulse width, so that the laser energy is concentrated on the pigment particles, vaporized and crushed directly. It is excreted from the body through lymphatic tissue without affecting the surrounding normal tissues, and its curative effect is accurate, safe and reliable, without scars, little pain, and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

4. Laser surgery opened a new era of medical cosmetology

Laser Beauty Machine

Laser Beauty Machine


a. Biological stimulation: the photochemical effect produced by the strong pulsed light acting on the skin causes chemical changes in the molecular structure of the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis to restore the original elasticity. According to expert Zhou Guangjie, the photothermal effect produced by it can enhance blood vessel function and improve circulation, thereby eliminating wrinkles and spots, achieving the purpose of beauty and reducing pores.

b. Principle of photopyrolysis: As the content of pigment clusters in diseased tissues is far more than that in normal tissues, the temperature after absorbing light is also higher than that of skin. Use their temperature difference to seal the diseased blood vessels, and the pigments can be broken and decomposed without damaging normal tissues.


1. The laser can be divided into:

① Solid laser; ② Gas laser; ③ Liquid laser; ④ Semiconductor laser.

The advent of cosmetic lasers provides new technical treatments for the field of plastic surgery and also solves many problems that cannot be solved by previous treatments. However, most cosmetic laser equipment has only entered my country's medical industry in recent years because of its sophisticated technology and high price.

The laser performs its function by interacting with the tissue. According to what kind of energy the tissue converts the laser light into

①Photothermal effect: tissues convert laser light energy into heat energy. Different tissues have different absorption coefficients. Therefore, lasers with specific wavelengths can be absorbed by specific tissues. This is the root cause of high laser selection, such as fine laser cutting and hemostasis And facial wrinkles etc.;

②Light burst effect: Pulsed laser can produce high-impact shock waves, which can burst and smash tissues, such as laser destroying pigment particles, etc.;

③Photochemical effect: The tissue converts laser light into chemical energy, which produces chemical decomposition. Such as ArF excimer laser to correct corneal deformation;

④ Photodynamic effect: mainly used for the treatment of tumors.

2. Laser beauty can be divided into:

(1) Laser removes various pigments of facial skin, such as melanin (mole and tattoo), red pigment (hemangioma);

(2) Laser removal of skin defects such as moles, warts, papules, neoplasms, and benign tumors;

(3) Laser permanently remove excess body hair;

(4) Laser removal of facial wrinkles;

(5) Use laser knife instead of scalpel to carry out fine, minimally invasive, bloodless plastic surgery.


Pixel laser skin resurfacing

Photoaging skin is the manifestation of skin photodamage, which is mainly the result of the cumulative effects of long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It manifests as shallow to deep skin wrinkles, sagging skin, leather-like skin, and rough skin. When skin light damage is severe, skin thinning, dryness, roughness, abnormal skin pigmentation, telangiectasia and increased skin fragility can be seen.

After the treatment, it does not affect work or makeup, and the skin will be reborn, white and tender, and elastic.

Compound color light freckle

The compound IPL skin rejuvenation and stain removal breaks through the traditional single-head IPL technology, opening up a new seven-head IPL beauty technology. The seven bald heads of the composite color light rejuvenation and stain removal are seven light source generators, including the latest five AFT color lights, and Q-switch and long pulse lasers. They work together on the skin target tissue to remove stains, Bloodshot, at the same time, stimulates the proliferation of collagen, enhances the hydrophilicity of the skin, and improves the elasticity of the skin, so that pigmentation, whitening and skin rejuvenation can be done in one stop.

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