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Three Misunderstandings of Laser Hair Removal

Feb. 26, 2021

Here are the three misunderstandings about laser hair removal shared by the Laser Hair Removal Device Supplier. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Laser Hair Removal Machines

Laser Hair Removal Machines

Misunderstanding 1: Can laser hair removal achieve "permanent hair removal"?

At present, hair removal laser manufacturers and practitioners generally believe that Laser Hair Removal Machines can achieve "permanent hair removal" or emphasize this advantage of laser hair removal in publicity. In fact, such a claim is inaccurate. If it is said that "permanent hair removal" means that the hair will never regenerate after hair removal, then it is wrong.

In fact, permanent hair removal is impossible. However, the hair that grows again after sufficient treatment of laser hair removal is usually lighter in color, thinner, and smaller in number. It is not easy to see these fluffs visually. If the beholder accepts it, it can also be defined as "permanent hair removal." At present, the industry believes that no hair growth within 12 months after surgery can be regarded as "permanent hair removal."

Misunderstanding 2: Semiconductor laser is the best hair removal laser

At present, the mainstream hair removal laser on the market is the semiconductor freezing point hair removal laser. Indeed, the device has the characteristics of low pain and good hair removal effect.

But in fact, the best laser for hair removal is the alexandrite laser. Due to the high level of melanin absorption, it is considered by most people as the "gold standard" for laser hair removal. The high absorption rate of melanin means that it can effectively treat even fine and fair hair. The alexandrite laser can achieve short pulse duration and improve efficiency.

Misunderstanding 3: Freezing point hair removal can achieve painless hair removal

For conventional hair removal, freezing point hair removal can basically achieve the goal of painless or mild pain, depending on the color and thickness of the hair. The finer and lighter hair is less painful. If the hair is thick and black, the pain is obvious. An extreme example is beard removal. No matter what kind of hair removal equipment is used, the pain is very obvious, and even some people can't tolerate it. Therefore, Laser Hair Removal cannot be completely painless.


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